StealthNet Web-UI is a web interface for the anonymous file sharing tool StealthNet (

It was created out of two reasons:
  • There is no GUI for the linux version of StealthNet,
  • and to manage the file sharing tool through your Web-Browser. The whole sharing tool runs in the background on one computer and can be managed from any remote computer through your Web-Browser.

Download page at Sourceforge

Current Version: 0.5.5 (status: beta) packed with the StealthNet Version
  • Graphical installer [stealthnet_web_ui_installer.jar]: does all the work for you (includes the current StealthNet version).
    You just need to have Java installed, as well as .NET or MONO.
    Tested with Ubuntu / Kubuntu 8.04 (should work on other distros as well) and Windows XP.
  • ZIP package []: of the application.
    Please read the README.txt for the manual installations instructions

Sourceforge Project Page: stealthnetwebui.

  • You can configure which hosts are allowed to access the web-interface from remote hosts
  • You can set a password to restrict the access to the web-interface
  • You can sort all search results, download lists and finished download list with different criterias
  • You can use all the features currently avaliable for the linux Stealthnet version 0.8
  • You can upload files to share them with the StealthNet network
  • You can share folders through the web interface
  • Easy to use settings-page, to configure the application
  • ...

Yes it is ;-)
It is released under the GPL Version 3.

Please check out the WIKI or ask at the StealthNet forums:

Check out the WIKI!

Tell me one ;-)

  • SSL Version (at least for the login page, or any other encryption)
  • Better remote management for your (downloaded / shared) files
If you have any suggestions for improvements, let me know ...

  • Write a shell (or better an ANT) script which creates out of the whole application a debian / Ubuntu DEB-package
  • help me with the translation to other languages than english and german
  • test the installer on other linux distributions and tell me what worked or doesn't worked and perhaps help me to improve the installation script for other Distros than Ubuntu

The StealthNet Web-UI was written by Matthias Meisenberger
eMail: meisenberger [at]

For details about the StealthNet server go to: